Wednesday First Week of Advent

Wednesday First Week of Advent.

Isaiah 26:6-10

Matt 15: 29-37

Behold, this is our God, we have waited for Him that he might save us. Is 9: 25

 ThIs is both physical and spiritual. Is this any different from the Holy Mass. We gather daily as catholics to first listen to the word of God broken for us and subsequently commune from the table of God’ love. Is this not a rich banquet as said by the prophet. Jesus in the gospel reading can be said to give us a putative prototype of this banquet of rich food. First he takes us through the banquet of his word. He taught those who gathered around him. Afterwards he satisfied the hunger. The satisfaction got

Yesterday we left off our reflection at the point we’re we prayed that the Lord keep us in the lowly state that can enable us behold His glory. Today the prophet gives us a little more to digest. He tells us of the glory of the end; the irresistible banquet of rich food which is attained only after death is swallowed up for ever. Death here could be placed at two extremes; death of sinful life and death as the finite point of physical life

Funny enough too is the fact that this banquet sometimes makes us more hungry. Hungry for what? Maybe more of God’ word which is true food for our daily life or more of Jesus’ body which is truly food for the soul and our spiritual life? Truly it advent going day in and out. Advent is about preparation; do we actually prepare for the Eucharistic banquet each day?

 O lord keep alive in me the burning fire that purifies my heart and make me constantly long to dine with you Amen.

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