Thursday First Week of Advent

Thursday First Week of Advent

Isaiah 26:1-6

Matt 7:21, 24-27

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you. Is 26:3

Keeping track with our reflection yesterday reveals that the great Eucharistic Banquet can be overwhelming for those who truly approach it prepared. No doubt the prophet Isaiah continues to keep the joyful hope alive, the awesome anticipation lovely when he tells us that the Lord keep in perfect peace those whose mind are glued to him

Is this invitation by the prophet any different from what Jesus says in the gospel reading of today when he exclaims that not everyone who call him Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus simply demands a little more from us asking that we not just come to him, we not just call him Lord, but we be glued to him. This has a blessing as spoken by the prophet namely PERFECT PEACE.

 What does it mean to be glued to Jesus? Jesus gives a simple answer; we must do the will of His father in heaven. We must hear his word and carry them out. Then we can enjoy the perfect peace personified in the analogy of a wise man who built his house upon a rock. Dear Lord open my heart to always find great meaning in your word and the courage to put them into practice Amen

Beautiful enough for our spiritual consumption today is that Jesus gives the contrast of not keeping his word. First the ignorance of the fool is that he thinks all is well with Jesus. Are we sometimes in this category? So unlike the wise the fool continues on life’ journey without God’ word as a guide. Are we victims of this as well? Note that the end is always tragic. Indeed a huge fall.

Rev. Fr. Igben Francis

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