Saturday First Week of Advent

Saturday First Week of Advent

Isaiah 30:19-21,23-26,

Matt 9:35-1,5a.           

Thus says the lord: o people in zion who dwell at jerusalem you shall weep no more. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry is: am sure all of us if not majority of us must have heard these re-assuring words. Particularly when we flash back to our infancy. When our teachers, friends and someone might just whisper into our ears when crying: cry not again mummy will soon be here. We say these to crying babies but have we ever paused to ask if they truly understand what we are communicated to then. Funny yet always re-assuring. This sometimes is the feeling we get when things and times are so difficult and some one assure us with these words ” it is well ” In reaction, we may just give a smile, sometimes we give a sigh at other times we may just nod our head in dismay. Worse still we may reply like typical skeptist ” na today we dey here this one? “.    Today there is a gospel of hope and new life your dis-belief may have persisted, but why don’t you give God this one chance. Jesus went about in the gospel reading of today preaching and healing. We are told he had compassion on the crowed when he saw them. Jesus knows you and your situation even in the crowd. Surely he will attend to us all. In furthrance of this love and care, He commissione  the twelve.

Rev. Fr. Igben Francis

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