Reflection for 1st August 2015


Lev 25-8-17, Matt 14:1-12.

The human conscience is one wonderful gift that God has implanted in man. Yes we may talk about conscience formation; which primarily is building up an upright thought and judgment pattern, the truth remains that the conscience will always check – mate our actions. Out of lust and greed, Herod arrested John the Baptist who told him the truth about his marital status. The final consequence of this arrest was the death of John the Baptist. John died, but the truth he communicated cannot be slain. The truth kept on tormenting Herod, hence when Jesus appears on the scale of his full ministry, Herod felt that John had come back to life. The worst form of imprisonment and slavery is that which you give to yourself, when you ignore the truth. Herod became a true slave even in his palace and kingdom. In like manner, most of us enslaves ourselves to different ungodly passions. Lust, Wealth, Drugs, gossip etc, not until we embrace the first form of humility which is the fear of God which we should constantly have before our eyes, we become perpetual slaves. And even the freedom that comes with the great jubilee as we read of in first reading will make little or no meaning to us.                                                           The jubilee year can be personified, Jesus is the jubilee in full. He brings freedom that leads to eternal life, and this freedom is rooted in truth. Life outside the truth is death. Hence Jesus tells us categorically that he is the way, the truth and the life. Dear Jesus, help us to always stand for the truth and always act wisely. Amen

Rev. Fr. Francis Igben

St. Joseph Catholic Church Oviri-Olomu

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