Monday Second Week of Advent

Monday Second Week of Advent

Is 35:1-10

LK 5:17-26.

As we continue with our fervent watch, waiting to meet the messiah, today our natural gift. Isaiah presents before us is the first reading the many glories that is to come. With the messiah. Contrast with this awesome presentation is what the society presents us with. Pain,war,conflict,hunger etc. Putting these side by side, the response to the psalm of today become laughable of we do not have faith. The response read thus “our God will come and save us”. This is one of the greatest affirmation a christian can profess or make in the face of adversity. No matter how long it may take or be a christian fervent holds on to this like a child waiting for the return of his or her mother to get food. The kind of faith demanded of us christian is what. Is aptly evident. In the gospel of today. Odds is necessary continent of life. So was the situation for those who wanted to get to the messiah. Our odds and obstacles abound,are we going to give up? Truly for those who stand up to the challenges that confront our christian faith, they became triumphant. Jesus saw the faith of those who brought the paralyzed man and did the needful but at spiritual and physical ends; the forgiveness of sin and the restoration of physical health. This too the messiah. Can do for you and me if only we have faith and hold fast to it.

 Lord Jesus in my daily struggles I know, you will not abandon me, rather give me the grace never to abandon you. Amen

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