Friday First Week of Advent

Friday First Week of Advent

 Isaiah 29:17-24,

Matt 9:27-31

 Obvious that we are likely to have three broad categories of respondent. Those who are waiting, those who can now shout and say yes God has done it, and those who doubt probably because they have waited for long in their own calculations. Listen dear child of God, the lessons we have to learn from the blind man in the gospel reading can lead us on. First you can be sure that the blind man had waited long for this moment of salvation. For how long we are not told. So my dear, time should not be a hindrance to your faith. Two, we are told that they cried aloud, this simply is prayer. It is not about the tone, it is about the faith. And persistence because we are told that they followed Jesus even after they have prayed. And nothing happened at that instance. Do not be discouraged no matter how long you have prayed. The messiah is just a step away. Third. They affirmed their faith in Jesus when Jesus ask them. Do u believe that I am able to do this? A question we sometimes find difficult to answer. All we need is to be joyous in our hope because the messiah is here to open no just our physical eyes but our eyes of faith. Lord help to believe in you.

Therefore thus says the lord who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob: Jacob shall no more be ashamed, no more shall his face grow pale. For when he sees his children, the work of my hands in his midst they will sanctify my name Is 29:22-23 Each time may we read this as christian, our hope is renewed no matter how difficult things and times may be. It also makes it sometimes anxious because we can’t wait for that moment when we fell the strong hand and presence of God. At other moment we may just say ” O lord you are taking too long”

 Jesus care for us in the end. Do you see in your priest the trust and care that you ought to see them? Do you consider them a true healers of your pains and care taker of your soul? Jesus comes to us through them and in many ways. Today might just be your turn; why don’t you join in the blessedness of all those won’t wait for the lord

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