Faith Clinic with Fr. Emakpor


1. In most of my dreams, I find it hard 2 cross a road. Also, most times I see myself naked in front of many people, and lastly, my mum who had died for almost 10yrs now, I see myself hugging her & feeling her touch in my dream. Please Fr., advice me.

The one of having contact with the dead shows that there is a close connection with the spirits of the dead. You really need prayers to find out the type of contact.
This connection is not far from the other dreams you have. Your not being able to cross a road is a clear sign of having obstacles on your way.
Your being naked in front of many people reveals that you lack the protection of God. So you need to check your spiritual life.

2. Fr., I don’t know the course of failure to my job and marriage. In my dreams all seem to be good, but the problem is that, it does not come to pass in real life. Please Fr., I need your help.

You are blessed, but there is no manifestation of your blessings. sometimes also, there are cases where the opposite appear in the dream. But in your case however, I see you are blessed, but without concrete manifestations to show. I advice you go for prayers.

3. Goodday Fr., my face is in tears, because I am faced with challenges. Doctors declared that the fibroid in me will multiply if I operate it. It might affect my not giving both in future. I will be 38 this year and yet no husband. My dad needs my assistance.

As to your not getting married at the age, I would not want to speak with haste. I would advice you to go for counseling and solve the problems (if any) that would likely have been standing as obstacles to your not getting married. It that has been taken care of. Then the spiritual aspect can now be employed. As to the fibroid, I advice you consult more physician

4. Hello Fr., I am sis Philo. I am very happy about this column you opened in the messenger of peace. Fr. My problem is delay in marriage. I don’t know what to do. Pls Fr. Help me!

From experience, I have come to discover that the problems associated with delay in marriage differ. For some, it is spiritual, for others, lack of discernment, for some, bad character, and some others things or the other.
I would advice you to go for counseling to detect the very problem with your case.

5. Fr. Good day. How do I overcome cooking and eating in the dream? Tina.

There is no gain saying that eating in the dream is not a good sign. To this end, I would advice you to evaluate your prayer life. Before you sleep, always say psalm 91 and 68. However, you need to go for prayers in case you are already contaminated.

6. Dear Fr., Good afternoon. Please Fr., I need your prayer over bad dreams

i.   Making love in the dream.

ii. Counting money also in the dream

iii. Eating with my dead relations. I am Jane  by name, and 58 years old. An Edo residing in Effurun, and out of the 5 children of my parents, I am the only survivor. My twin sister died on the 10th day of June 2012. Thanks Fr.

Making love in the dream points to a spiritual husband/wife. I advice you get one of my CD on “spirit man spirit wife” to enlighten you and help you.
As for your dreams, I recommend deliverance for you.

7. My own blood sister stood high in working my down fall. Relating to my sudden drop from school, she affirm that this is just the beginning of my fall and had in several case said that she will not only destroy my education, but also my entire life. She is not the only person but my half brothers sister. I am the only boy my mother have. So now father, what do I do? Should I go ahead 2 carry out effective measure and thereby loss my Catholic faith? My father just died and I am so confused.
John (19YEARS) there are much 2 say father. The torment has  come 2 my neck. I have always wanted to see you but no way out. Please Fr. Edmund my mentor, help me. (Oleh).

No matter what happens, do not do anything you would regret tomorrow. It is not worth losing your faith. I advise you read the story of Joseph in Genesis chapter 7- chapter 20. Your enemies sometimes would push you to your destiny. The difference between stumbling block and stepping stone is the way it is used. Be steadfast to God, and all will work unto good. Be wise and prayerful.

8. MIGUO FADA, I have two major things to ask question on what God’s decision may be. First, it is about 2 years plus now since the ultra-scan detected I have fibroid. I have been praying and I had a dream that it was removed.
I felt relieved the next day but after sometime, I started feeling the siphon and very large now. I already gave testimony in our bible study that I am healed.
I don’t know why it is like that.
Secondly, a man I dated for about 13 years suddenly changed. I had a dream and someone told me over her dead body will I get married. After 3 days, I had misunderstanding with him. He is still single, but he sees me as if I never exist. Even when I am angry with him I see myself praying for him. He seems to be different from every other man I have come across. I wish God will bring us together even if we did not get married. I want the best for him. I wish God reveals to me where I have gone wrong or what the problem is.
I saw this in the messenger of peace column.

That dream could be a reflection of what transpired in the spirit realm. If that is the case, then, the problem is best handled from the spirit realm also. It appears some forces are against your getting married. What you need do is go for prayers and deliverance. I could just be all you need.
As for your fibroid, when there is a testimony, there also need to be a test. I advice you see a specialist for test.

9. I always see myself in the river and having sex in my dream and sometimes I will be running but not moving from a spot. I will write exams and will not pass. Please father, helps me. I am about to write WAEC in April, pls help me father.

Water spirit has a role to play here. These are some of its characteristics. It is most likely the cause of the stagnance and low IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Your running but remaining on a spot is a suffer head type of spirit. Work! Work!! Work!!! But little or no result. You need deliverance.

10. Dear Sir, I am married for up to four years, but due to financial constraint, I have not been able to complete the traditional or bless my marriage. I am desiring to go to confession even if I do not receive communion, pending when I will bless my marriage. Please father, advice me.

The fact is that you are living under sin. Rectify that which separates you from God and the Church first. It is the greatest form of remorse you could show for your sin.

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