August 31st : Monday 22nd week in ordinary time

A lot of people are uncomfortable with the talk of death. St. Paul in the first reading handles this sensitive issue not only of death but also of the resurrection. The guiding principle of St. Paul is the death and resurrection of Christ, because Jesus died and rose again, those who believe in him will be brought to life when they fall asleep. In the end, St. Paul says that we shall always be with the Lord. To be with the Lord is not the goal of those who have died alone. It is to be the desire of every Christian. The Lord promises to be with us always, “I am with you always even to the end of the ages” but while the Lord is with us, we are not often with the Lord
it was said that during the American civil war Abraham Lincoln was worried about the outcome of the war. A soldier went to him and said “you do not need to worry because God is on our side.” Abraham Lincoln replied “I have no doubts that God is on our side, my fear is whether we are on the side of God.” It is not enough for God to be with us, we need to make efforts to be with God. May this be our portion both now and for ages to come. Amen
Rev. Fr. Israel Inaede
St. Peter Chaplaincy Oleh

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