August 26th: Wednesday 21st week in ordinary time

Thess. 2:9-13
Mt. 23: 27-32
A group of armed robbers were coming from their operation one Sunday morning when they entered a church with so many worshipers. The leader of the armed men took the microphone and announced that “if you know you are not ready to take two gunshots for Jesus, just excuse us” almost everyone left the church remaining barely a handful. The man gave back the microphone to the pastor to and said “we have succeeded in driving out the hypocrites from the church, you can now preach.” People come to church for different reasons, but very many go to church not because they have a relationship with God and want to improve on their lives; they go because going to church helps their image before others. it makes them look religious and good. They are not ready to change but just to go church. Someone once advised, “Lead your life so you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell our family parrot to the town gossip”. The responsorial psalm reminds us that the Lord searches and knows us through and through for we can hide nothing from God. Let us come clean before God as we are and make every efforts to improve on our lives each day. This can only come to be if like the Thessalonians in the first reading we accept God’s word as it really and make it the blue print of our lives.
Rev. Fr. Israel Inaede
St. Peter Chaplaincy Oleh

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