7th August, 2015: Friday 18th week in Ordinary Time

Deuteronomy 4:32-40.
Psalm 77:12-16, 22. I remember the deeds of the Lord.
Matthew 16:24-28.

Our Gospel today says “… God will repay everyone for what he has done”. When I think of this, I wonder what my payment would be. Within a flash, I ask if it means I will pay the heavy price for my wrongs. The answer stares in my face, clearly saying ‘yes’. It sounds scary, but this is not the only thing the Lord will pay me for. He will equally pay, or better put, reward the good I have done. Yes. This is where I find joy. My face is filled with smiles, the smiles of hope because I understand that the Lord means to have me on the right path always. He has shown me His goodness, He has been wonderful, as we see in our first reading, and expects us to follow in His footsteps. Every given opportunity in life is to be used for good, and we must make sacrifices in the Lord’s name. Even if the sacrifices we are to make are painful, we must not stop. We are called to deny ourselves of some things in order to follow Christ. Today is one of such opportunities, and the amount of good I am able to do in life will determine the amount of favours I will receive.

May the Lord bless His word in our hearts.

Written by:
Rev. Fr. Konav Joseph
Sacred Heart Cathedral Warri

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