15th August 2015: Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of Our Lady

Apoc 11:19;21:1-6.10
Ps 45:10-12.16
1Cor 15:20-26
Lk 1:39-56
Queen assumed into Heaven
The dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was only declared in 1950 but the church from the beginning had always believed that the Mother of God being closely united with her Son in heart and body was taken up to heaven after her earthly life. Indeed she is the woman clothed with the sun of righteousness whose child will devour the dragon of sin and hate. In the gospel we see Mary who is the first tabernacle going on a visit to her cousin. Because she had God in her womb, her presence brought joy to Elizabeth and to the baby John. Once God is in the heart our presence cannot but bring peace and joy. Mary was taken to heaven because she carried “heaven” within herself not simply for nine months but all her life. To be raised with the Lord like St. Paul said in the second reading and enjoy the life of heaven with our blessed mother, we must constantly be conscious of God’s presence within us and allow that presence to influence our decisions and actions.
Rev. Fr. Israel Inaede
St. Peter Chaplaincy Oleh

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