5th August 2015: Wednesday 18th week in Ordinary Time

Num13:1-2, 25-14, 26-29, 34-35) Mt15:21-28
“Let us go up at once to occupy it for we are well able to overcome it” This cry from Caleb leaves me in doubt but it further drives home a clarification that popular opinion does not necessarily mean the right opinion. Rather true opinion spiced with seasoned faith is the necessary opinion. The popular opinion of the spice led the Israelites into trouble. They murmured against God. God granted their wishes hence they died in the wilderness. Often our pains, trials, tribulations and circumstances lead us into the wrong popular opinion and doubt steps in, leaving us with many other opinions apart from God. The direct consequences of such is death the Canaanite woman in the gospel reading did not follow opinion that forbids her from coming in contact with Jesus Christ a Jew. She held on to her minority opinion that is true and seasoned with faith. The consequence of her right discernment was that her prayer was granted. Beloved in Christ, are we easily discourage by the seeming pressure of the crowd or we truly pay attention to the Lord and act accordingly no matter what. Our faith will always demand of us one thing namely courage. Caleb had to courageous speak the truth and hold on to his faith. The Canaanite woman did the same and found fulfillment. You too can do the same. Never allow any circumstance be a hindrance between you and God’s blessing. It is our prayer that the lord will remember us with favour He showed to his people.
Each time we doubt, we should immediately cry for help, like Peter did and God who is always there will pardon us and lift us up.
Written by:
Rev. Fr. Francis Igben
St. Joseph Catholic Church Oviri-Olomu

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    Thanks for this wonderful piece.

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