4th August 2015: Memorial of St. John Mary Vianney

Numbers 12:1-13
Matt. 14:22-36

The authority given to Moses is so unique that God guides it jealously. In the same way, the authority given to the church and the priest is so precious in the sight of God. Aaron and Miriam felt the consequence of speaking I’ll of God’ own. God was not pleased with them because the one he chooses, he sanctifies and glorifies. A minute examination of our consciences may reveal that we often commit same sin committed by Aaron and Miriam. If we are guilty, then we must sincerely put the words of the psalms on our lips; have mercy O Lord for we have sinned. The authority given by God to Moses is only but a prefigurement of the authority that Jesus commanded in the gospel reading. The miracle of Jesus walking on the water goes to show the authority he has over nature. Peter was pleased to see the glory of God and he made a request and it was granted. “Lord if it is you bid me come to you on the water”

Jesus walks on waterJesus granted his request and for some moments Peter enjoyed the authority over nature, but something happened. As Peter walked on he became too conscious of the surrounding obstacles and lost focus on the one who called him. I think Jesus’ response to Peter after he cried out for help is very important. “O man of little faith why did you doubt?” worthy of mention is that Doubt opens our faith to many options outside Jesus Christ who is the giver of all things and even the authority to conquer. What lessons can we take home?

To doubt means equating God with other possibilities. God is the only option. Doubt no longer. We must not turn our eyes from the giver of the authority we possess even for a minute lest we sink. As we celebrate the Priest John Vianny, we recall that his weakness did not deter him from looking up to God so we too must look up to God lest we sink

Rev. Fr. Francis Igben

St. Joseph Catholic Church Oviri-Olomu

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