13th August, 2015: Thursday 19th Week in Ordinary Time

Joshua 3:7-10a, 11, 13-17.
Psalm 114:1-6. Alleluia.
Matthew 18:21-19:1.
How Often shall I forgive my brother?
Forgiveness is one of the very challenging parts of our faith. And Peter in today’s gospel asks the Lord if seven times is good enough for a brother as if forgiveness is not for the stranger. In his reply Jesus gives Peter a mathematical calculation that reveals that we are to forgive even without recourse to the number of times. To anyone this is a huge challenge, but it is not only an instruction we receive, it is also a grace that we enjoy. If the Lord should mark our guilt as the psalmist says, no one would survive. The Lord continues to forgive us no matter what we do and he expects us to forgive one another. For it is only the merciful as we see in the beatitudes that will obtain mercy. If we find it difficult to forgive someone, let us take it to the Lord in prayer for he was able to forgive even those who killed him. Truly, “there is no revenge as sweet and as complete as forgiveness”. May the Lord who forgives us, help us to forgive others. Amen
Rev. Fr. Israel Inaede
St. Peter Chaplaincy Oleh

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