11th August, 2015: St. Clare (Memorial)

Deuteronomy 31:1-8.
Matthew 18:1-5, 10, 12-14.

The owner of the sheep leaves ninety nine and goes in search of a lost one. I would not have thought this were possible. I would easily think it makes sense to let the one lost sheep go, because the ninety nine are worth more than the one lost. How wrong that would be! This passage makes more meaning when you think of who the lost sheep is. Imagine yourself as the lost sheep. Imagine the shepherd leaving ninety nine others and going after you. You will understand that you are special. You will know how much you are loved. It will be clear to you that you are valued. This is who we are to God; special, loved and valued children whom the Lord does not want see go astray. This understanding of who I am in the sight of God brings some responsibility to my mind. I will need to act in a way befitting of a child with such a huge value tag.

Maybe we can try to imagine what the other ninety nine sheep would be thinking. Who knows? Maybe they will wonder if the Master will go all out for them this same way. They might even ask if the Master loves the lost sheep more than them. I bet you, this thought of theirs is far from the reality. They will be surprised to understand that the Master trusts them. Yes, trust. He trusts them not to scatter, not to go astray and that is why He comfortably leaves them, and goes in search of the lost one. My dear brethren, the Lord loves us and desires our salvation, and we are called to co-operate.

May the Lord bless His word in our hearts.

Written by:
Rev. Fr. Konav Joseph
Sacred Heart Cathedral Warri

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